Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Penny Reviews Tearooms: Tenth Hole Tearoom

After a number of years studying in Portsmouth, I've never had the chance to make the long walk to the Tenth Hole Tearoom, just Friday was the exception. Both Rob and I had the rare chance of a day off, at the same time, to go out on a date. It's so rare that we have days off that we were stuck on what to do, so a nice walk on the beach and a trip to a well known tearoom was the answer. 

The tearoom that doubles as a golf course was nothing special to look at from the outside. It's really unassuming, but as we both ventured further inside, the pastel blue d├ęcor was calming dispute the busy interior. Beautifully decorated, well presented and clean. This was first impressions I gathered from the small establishment. 

We were lucky enough to nab a table, it was so busy and after trying the cakes we can see why! When ordering, I thought at two cakes and drinks I thought £13 was really expensive, after I saw the portion size, I change my mind. Tenth Hole are not stingy with the sizing of their portions! I ordered a Rocky Road which was full of digestive, chocolate and marshmallows. I like cherries in my Rocky Road, but I'll overlook it because it was massive. I ordered a Toffee Apple latte, which was as expected. I enjoyed it but it could be regarded as a little over sweet, but I ordered it for something a little different.

Rob on the other hand had a mint brownie with a brownie hot chocolate. Again the portion size was very generous, the hot chocolate with super chocolaty with a hearty amount of  whipped cream and brownie sprinkles. The mint brownie, was not really a brownie however more of a cake-like consistency, but still tasty and full of strong mint flavours.

I didn't get lots of interaction with the staff but they all seemed friendly and well spoken. 

Overall, I would definitely recommend a visit if you want a good cakes, great atmosphere, with a lovely surrounding area and a spot of golf, as an extra bonus.    

Bake On! Penny x

Friday, 11 December 2015

New Video! Hyper Japan Christmas Market Haul 2015

Happy Friday! Check out the latest video. Just watching for the kawaii-ness is enough for me! I hope you enjoy it and have a great weekend!

Bake On! Penny x
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