The Blog:
A blog dedicated all things yummy and fun! Whether its baking, dungeons and dragons, cooking, restaurant reviews and all things kawaii! 

Why the name? Who doesn't like cupcakes and cake? On this blog we're passionate about food-but especially cupcakes and cake, with all there spongy goodness. The name just made sense. But what about the url address? Well the original creator of the blog is a huge fan of Alice in Wonderland and cakes. It made sense to mix up the names to create: cakesfromwonderland.blogspot.co.uk 

So, long story short, this blog started out with a young woman trying to balance studying, working, baking cupcakes and life in general. 

So here are some fun facts about the writer:

*The name is Penny. Nicknames include: Pen, Pen-wen and Angel Cakes. (There's tons more but there embarrassing) 
*I am something aged.
*I have been trained as a chef and front of house manager but decided to specialise in patisserie 
*A good friend told me that my eyes are not hazel but amber and my hair should remain brunette and not dyed any more colours!
*I love all pastel colours. But all shades of purple are epic to me. 
*I've spent the majority of my life split between London and Isle of Wight. Which is a little island that no one has ever heard of. Google it.  
*I have a weakness for cupcakes but love all the food!  
In the last few years, my dream was to own my own bakery (but doesn't everyone want that?) and of course, you've got to know what your doing when it comes to baking. Baking is a science of sugar, butter, eggs and whatever else a recipe calls for. Its way more complicated then people think, but it's a wonderful yummy way to express yourself. It's even better when you make a tea-time treat that love ones can gorge themselves happy on.
Bake On!
Bake On! Penny x
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