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Mad Hatter Tea At Sanderson Hotel

As mentioned  in a previous blog post, I took my mum for a 50th birthday to a Mad Hatter Tea at the Sanderson Hotel in Goodge Street London. 
I have been lucky enough to go to a Mad Hatter Tea with my friend Naomi for her 21st Birthday, which I knew my mum would enjoy.
When walking to the hotel, it looks like it's hidden, almost in disguise as on the outside it looks like a office building. It adds to the mystic and the intrigue.
Entering the hotel, the door was swiftly opened for us both.
Along the marble corridor was the reception and to the right was the modern, slick, very cosmopolitan bar. 
The Cake Stand on the outside terrace.
We were led to the outside terrace, which was busy but not overcrowded or closed in. It was open, airy and yet well covered. 
We were shown to our seats and this was the moment when the head waiter revealed that we were going to have. He pointed to the book perched on top of a jewellery box. The book contained the menu, which described the delights of the afternoon.
I was struck by the designs of the mis en place, the cutlery, plates, cups and saucers. Quirky, fun and whimsical are the words that came into my head when I examined the china designed by Luna and Curious.
Plates Designed by Luna and Curious
The staff were polite and welcoming and took the time to explain about the 3 bottles on our table labelled Apple Pie, Rubarb and Custard and Mint Choc Chip. 
Mum reading the menu. The loose tea leaves in the glass bottles.
These were loose tea leaves which were served in traditional tea pot and strainer. We had unlimited refills and managed to try them all, each really tasted like desserts. However, I would say that the Mint Choc Chip tea was my personal favourite.
Me pouring tea
Once the cake stand had arrived and we were presented with a selection of goodies, we started from the bottom to the top. We couldn't wait to get stuck in!
The Cake Stand.
The Bottom Tier. From left to right- Various sandwiches, savoury scones, drink me bottle, sweet scones.
The Savoury bits-Quiche in top left and savoury scones.
We started with the savoury bits. The sandwiches were had main components baked into the bread and were rolled into circles rather then cut into squares or triangles. Our sandwich selection included: ham on mustard and sun dried tomato bread, smoked salmon with lemon butter and dark rye bread, egg mayo and watercress served on sea-salt bread and cucumber and chive cream cheese on bread. Some of the flavours were subtle such as the lemon butter and some were even lost such as the salt bread but all were beautifully presented and were mouth-wateringly tasty. We moved onto the quiche which I believe was a mushroom quiche. It was light, not overpowering and adorable! Look how tiny it is!! Next we had the savoury scone that was laced with mozzarella cheese and spinach, which was served with creamy herb butter. 
The Savoury Tier
Next we had the sweet cranberry scones slattered with clotted cream and strawberry jam. The scones had a crumbly pleasant texture, this contrasted with the smooth clotted cream and jam. 
The Top Tier with the carrot meringue and strawberry and cream marshmallows
I must say I didn't get the strawberry and cream flavour in the mushroom marshmallows, I just tasted marshmallow, which I guess is vanilla. The meringue carrots were well made and disappeared like magic on the tongue, I could have eaten a plateful!
The Melting Mango Cheesecake and Raspberry Victoria Sponge
I have never been a huge fan of cheesecake, I mean I haven't really found one that I truly like. I loved mango it really burst on the tongue  but I wasn't a fan of this cheesecake. I want to make it clear there was nothing wrong with the cheesecake. I have issues with all cheesecakes . 
The Three layered drink me bottle.
The 'Drink Me' bottle with layers with 3 fruity layers including pancotta, tropical fruits and I think hints of coconut. It was such a laugh trying to tell the difference between the flavours and drinking through the straw.
The Middle Tier.
The Clock Cake was simple yet divine. It was a traditional Victorian sponge layered with sharp raspberries and freshly whipped cream. The cake was moist and a sweet pleasure. 
The Macha Green tea chocolate cup.
The Macha Green tea chocolate cup which was the hero of the day for me.

My hero of the whole day was the macha green tea with a chocolate mousse served in a chocolate tea cup. The green tea mousse was just the end of perfect afternoon tea. The dark chocolate was crisp but didn't provide a bitter after-taste as the green tea mousse provided just enough sweetness to counter it. 

Mum's Birthday Platter.
The whole afternoon was perfectly rounded and was made exceptional by the staff who even made the effort to wish my mum a happy birthday by providing a mini raspberry cake that had white chocolate script:
Happy 50th Birthday Mum

Mum said it herself: I have had a perfect birthday. It's been special.
A very happy mum!
Wondering if it's for you?
What to Expect: A happy friendly welcome, high quality food with a twist and personalised service if requested.
Occasion: Needs to be special birthday or a good catch up with a good friend. Maybe even a surprise romantic gesture.  
Tips: If it's a birthday or an anniversary when booking mention it, they can provide a special dessert plate. 
Price: £35 (not including 10% Service Charge)

Go with: Mum, sister, good friend and group of friends or a date

But try not to look as scared as I was when drinking tea!
Bake On!

Bake On! Penny x
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