Friday, 25 April 2014

100 Happy Days Challenge-Complete (Round-up of funny pictures)

On the 5th of January I set myself the 100 Happy Days Challenge and on the 15th of April I managed to complete that challenge! All the details are here

However, it wasn't as easy as I thought it was going to be. There were often days when I had a really crappy day and I thought that it wasn't worth posting any pictures up, however, I always found something to be happy and grateful about. I was often a little late when posting pictures up, but I don't feel that I necessarily failed the challenge. Even if I did, I continued and noticed that in the 100 happy days:

  • I found that I was more cheery. 
  • It was easier to get out of a bad mood, if I was in one.
  • My battery on my phone drained quickly because I took more photos then I normally do. 
  • Even the most ridiculous things made me more optimistic.
  • I realised that I'm very lucky to have the life I have and have wonderful people in it. 
  • I take a lot of pictures of food...
So here's the run-down of the best photos:

Winner of Cutest Text Message: Day 9! Thanks Lucy for this! Miss you too.

Winner of Most Happy Promoting of a Society: Day 12. Don't Becky and I look great with our purple SFOCP T-shirts?

Winner of Most Tipsy Person is Day 17! Afternoon cocktails did this to me. 

Greatest Moonch Award goes to: Day 19. Hannah I owe you a Crunchie!
Cutest Picture Award goes to: Day 34. Rob is quite the minon artist isn't he?
 Most Ridiculous Selfie goes is awarded to Day 74. MOVING ON QUICKLY!

Most Disney Related Picture goes to: Day 86 because memorising the "Let It Go" and watching the film isn't enough!

Blurriest Coffee  picture goes to Day 3! Lauren we need to do coffee more often. Just not as blurry. 

Messed up thing in a tree award goes to Day 29. The picture says it all.  

Best drawing on coffee belongs to Day 32. Harvey looks epic on this latte :)

Cutest couple (bleh) moment goes to Day 33. Couple moment... MOVING ON!!! 

Most MESSED up poem ever written definitely goes to Day 47. Rapidly moving on....

Most Lovable Panda award goes Day 49. Socks + Pandas= Warm Feet!

Most Irish Photo goes to Day 70. Irish guy wearing an Irish tie, thank goodness this isn't a regular thing.
 Bestest Cake Ever Award goes to Day 96! This good design and great taste

Best bubble tea photo goes to Day 83. Miss you Sof! We'll need to moonch our way through China-Town again!

If you enjoyed looking at these pictures check out the album on the Facebook page. Want to start your own Happy Day Challenge? Enlist yourself here. Email me to tell me how you got on. 
Bake On! Penny x
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