Friday, 31 July 2015

Penny Reviews:Victory Tearoom

 "Something big, that I can buy stuff from... but I can't buy it?... and its yellow?" 
That was the riddle that my mum presented to me. In the car, on the way to The House of Chilli at Holliers Farm on the Isle of Wight. It was a surprise trip and it really sparked my interest on what was awaiting us. Apart from chilli.
As we exited the car, it was apparent that there was a huge yellow bus facing us. It took me by surprise but the beautifully decorated outside seating area nextdoor to the bus. The sign read 'Victory Tearoom' on the back of the double decker. Honestly, pictures (and videos) say more than words. The bunting and colourful pinwheels were a delightful addition. 
I'm not easily impressed, but this tearoom was impressive. And the big double decker is just that, a tearoom! The whole theme just screamed vintage. Bunting, decorative tea-cosies, pretty teacups and saucers were adorned all over. Very sweet and very cute. 

After taking in all the scenery, we ordered some light lunch. I got a brie, bacon and cranberry panini, with a fresh salad garnish. It was just as I expected, tasting great and fresh. I didn't fancy a cake at the time, although I wish I did on hindsight!
Marilyn and Shirley, the stunningly vintage dressed women who came up with the concept were happy to pose for a quick photo! The attention to detail in all aspects of the tearoom has been thought off, including staff uniform.  

The Victory Tearoom, is a very unique place to visit. I would highly recommend a visit to this tearoom if you like the vintage look and some beautifully prepared food. Its non fussy menu and great service should leave you feeling that vintage vibe throughout the rest of your visit. 

Check out Victory Tearoom on Tripadvisor and Facebook. Tell them I said hey!
Happy Baking!
(BTW this was not a paid/sponsored post.)

Bake On! Penny x
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