Saturday, 5 September 2015

Garlic Farm Goodies from The Garlic Festival 2015

Every year I go over to the Isle of Wight, about August time, to pop over to the Garlic Festival. This year I popped by and was very fortunate to see the lovely Rachel Khoo, the chef behind 'The Little Paris Kitchen' and got her autograph (!) and picture taken (!!). I was so shy, so there was no time to fangirl over her. 

Apart from seeing Rachel Khoo, I go to the festival for food and cider. I also get some beautiful liquorice from the St Valentine Liquorice Company every year, without fail. This year I got the mixed big of liquorice (I ate them all before I could take a picture). Watermelon is my absolute favourite liquorice.

But I did grab a couple of bits from the Garlic Farm Shop Tent. 
Firstly, I bought the Garlic Farm Cook Book which I intend to use frequently as I adore anything with garlic in it. It features a variety of recipes that are seasonally sectioned as well as lots of information on garlic. 

As seen on the above picture, I got lots of saucy bits. The Toasted Garlic Mayonnaise has been completely consumed. It was just perfect with everything that required dipping and especially great in sandwiches. 
The Soy Sauce with Black Garlic is sweeter on the palette then regular soy sauce. Ideal for cooking Asian dishes and I personally use it for Thai Red Curry, stir frys and as a light salad dressing. 
The Chilli and Garlic dressing is my new favourite. The dressing has a decent chilli heat with a hit of garlic. Its super versatile, I use it as a dressing for pasta, salad and even on cooked white fish. Also, I really like the bottled packaging too. 
The Oak-Smoked Garlic Butter is excellent used in frying and for making garlic bread. The BBQ sauce is a little different then normal BBQ sauce, it tastes better and more rustic.  

I'm sure that I'll be posting recipes featuring these products very soon. 

Happy Baking! (This was not a sponsored post.) 
Bake On! Penny x
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