Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Penny's Top Ten Tips: Autumn Activities: Part 1 On your Own

Welcome to a Top Ten Tips! This week is about fun things to do while the weather is poor. In fact as I'm writing this post, its horrid outside. Its cold, wet and windy out there. But being cooped up inside can get a little boring, so lets get down to the tips. 

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1. Spa evening-
Grab your face pack and chill. Having a pamper evening will recharge your batteries after a hard day at work. It's so relaxing to get your nails done, maybe have a bubble bath with a good book.  

2. Learn a new skill-
Having lots of time indoors gives you time to learn something you've always wanted to do. In my case, its French and singing as both of them don't require to go outside! 

3. Bake something!-
Well this is obvious, here's a great suggestion.

4. Hot Chocolate and read a book-
Make yourself a salted caramel hot chocolate, grab a good book (I'm reading 'The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins) and chill on the sofa.  

5. Netflix and Chill-
Pretty much what it says on the tin...

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6. Yoga-
This is an odd one for this list, but doing some relaxing yoga poses can help pass those cold nights in as well as improve flexibility and health in the long run. 

7. Organise a Room-
Putting aside an hour of your time to rid yourself of wanted clothes, jewellery or whatever, but having a sort out will not only clear your mind but clear extra space for Christmas presents. Old clothes can be donated to charity and jewellery can be passed onto family or friends. 

8. Listen to music-
Catching up with the radio or latest music has always been a favourite pass-time of mine. Find some new music using Spotify, Youtube or by scanning the radio. 

9. Start writing-
Whether its a novel, screenplay or a set of poems, let the weather inspire you to write something amazing.

10. Cook an incredible meal-
Starter, Main course, and Dessert for yourself and test those cooking skills. 

Happy Baking!
Bake On! Penny x
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