Friday, 8 February 2013

The Valentines Rant!

Ok it's not really a baking post but I wanted to make my opinion clear.
On T.V, social media and shop windows are covered in red decorations as Valentines day is approaching. I see people around me getting really excited about Valentines day but to be honest I can't see why.
I have very mixed feeling about Valentines day, I mean, its nice to see shop windows wonderfully decorated and its a fab excuse to make heart shaped biscuits (I'm hoping to make those this weekend). Also to consume a silly amount of romantic based food such as white chocolate popcorn. Not that I need a good excuse. 
Vanilla cupcakes decorated by me.
But I also have a problem with it.

The issue I have is that, why on the 14th of February is the only day that couples get be romantic and show their feelings through tacky cards and teddy bears? 
Surely, if you really are in love with someone shouldn't everyday be like Valentines day? Or if you want to make someone feel really special then maybe its worth reminding them how special they are?

Image from. The Guardian Official Website.

Fellas, I feel sorry for you. I truly do. If you forget the day in question. Your are in so much trouble that you get ignored for 2 days. You are put under some serious pressure on Valentines that it becomes a joke. 
Your girlfriend says: "That's ok you don't need to get me anything. It's just a stupid day.
and you think: "Phew! Pressure is off!"
But when the 14th comes around.... and she looks at you expectingly. "Well? Where's my Valentine present?!"
"Oh crap..."
Yet if you did get her something just in case she says: "Why did you get me something? I told you not too. I didn't get you anything! Now you've made me feel guilty! Thanks a lot for ruining Valentines day!"
Image from the Vancouver Observer Official Website
Girls. Take the pressure off. Seriously. It's not lady-like to scream at your other half because he didn't get the right chocolates. 
Also, don't be silly in getting him a red teddy bear that says: "I wuv you." on the heart. I don't think he'll like it as much as you do.

Girls, especially, expect gifts because its Valentines. Now it's escalated from silly gifts to weekends away and 5 star fancy dinners. All these things are lovely. But it shouldn't just be for Valentines. It's not a contest between you and friends who got the best Valentines. Be grateful that you have someone to share it with!

Who doesn't want to go away for a romantic weekend? It's a sweet gesture and it's very romantic being whisked away for a mini break but it doesn't just have to be for Valentines day. It should be because, as a couple, you're in love and you don't need a special date to show each other how much you really care about each other. Even mundane things that we all take for granted like, making your partner a cup of tea, just the way they like it (Strong-ish, with milk and one tsp small sugar) is one of those things that show that you love them everyday. Even a random text or surprise phone call, taking the time to really chat. The smallest gesture can show that you truly care. 

Take it from someone who knows. While you maybe seeing your girlfriend or boyfriend all the time and saying "We never do anything romantic!" Be happy that you're with your loved one! I know people who are worlds away from their partners. Including myself. I wish I could see my boyfriend everyday but at this moment in time we can't always be together (lack of money, studying and work are all serious relationship killers). Does it stop us from seeing each other? No, we text, phone and Skype. Do we miss each other? Well duh all the time! Does it put a strain on our relationship? Yeah it can, but you know what? We are one of those deliriously in love couple and we appreciate the time we spend together and when we part, we're more in love then before. That's what everyday should be about. Not just Valentines!

Look, what I trying to get across is that whatever you get on Valentines day is great, but look beyond that day. As it is just that, just a day. I'm not coming down on people who like Valentines or trying to ruin peoples day, that is not my intention. (So no silly comments such as OMG u ha8 luv') Because, lets face it, those valentine chocolates need to eaten by someone! What I'm trying to say is that: Don't focus on where you go or what you get. Focus on spending the time with the person you love the most. 

Whatever you do, Wherever you go and whoever you spend it with. Make sure that it's someone who's just as special as you are. 

Bake On! and Have a Great Valentines Day
(My own artwork that I did in high school. Don't steal ;p)
Bake On! Penny x
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