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Fat Friday #18 Rice Pudding Terrine served with a Salted Liqorice Parfait and Bitter Chocolate Sorbet

Welcome to Novembers last Fat Friday. This quite an usual dessert, it sounds like something that would grace the table of a nice little kitch restaurant. Well for now it will grace this blogs Fat Friday #18. I was not convinced to start with, but tasting the finished dessert was sweet, salty and creamy all in one. Its a great dinner party dessert and will impress dinner guests. Tuille is a type of very thin biscuit that can be shaped as soon as it comes out of the oven. However, in this recipe they are kept straight for height. Also for future reference, a parfait is a type of mousse and as Donkey says: "Everybody like parfait!"

Recipe: Makes 1 terrine, which will serve 6-8 people (recipe kindly  provided by my pastry tutor).

Rice Pudding:
·       50g sugar
·       75g risotto rice
·       350ml milk
·       100ml double cream, plus 100ml extra lightly whipped cream
·       1 ½ leaves gelatine
·       1 vanilla pod split lengthways

Pastry Cream:
·       100ml milk
·       75ml double cream
·       40g sugar
·       1 egg yolk
·       5g cornflour

Rice Tuilles
·       35g egg whites
·       40g icing sugar
·       100g reserved rice pudding
Salted Liquorice parfait
·       200ml double cream
·       100ml water
·       150g sugar
·       6 egg yolks
·       40ml liquorice essence
·       Fine sea salt

Bitter Chocolate Sorbet
·       750ml water
·       250ml milk
·       50g sugar
·       75ml glucose
·       100g cocoa powder
·       240g bitter chocolate

·       Saucepan
·       Rubber spatula
·       Bowl x 3
·       Blender
·       Pastry brush
·       Baking sheet
·       Whisk
·       Measuring jug
·       A square container that is suitable for freezing x 2
·  Ice cream machine
·  Fine sieve

For the rice pudding
1.    In a saucepan, simmer the pods, milk, cream, rice and sugar for 20 minutes until thick and creamy. 
2.    Remove from the heat and reserve 100g of the rice pudding for tuilles.  
3.    Place the gelatine in cold water until it is soft and add to the remaining rice pudding. Place both the rice puddings in the fridge to cool.
For the pastry cream:
1.    Bring the cream and milk to the boil.
2.    Whisk the egg yolk, sugar and flour.
3.    Combine the two mixtures and return to the pan until thickened. Leave to cool
For the rice tuille:
1.    Place the egg whites, sugar and rice pudding into a blender and puree to a smooth-ish texture.
2.    Chill in the fridge for 1 hour.
3.    Brush onto a sill matt using a pastry brush into a thin strips and bake on gas mark 3/170c/ 325f for 5 minutes or until golden brown.
For the parfait:
1.    Whisk the cream to ribbon stage. So almost whipped but not quite there.
2.    Place the sugar and water into a pan and cook to a deep caramel.
3.    Whisk the egg yolks until pale.
4.    Once the caramel is ready, slowly add the eggs whilst whisking.
5.    Fold in the cream and essence and place into a square shaped container and freeze.
Bitter Chocolate sorbet:
1.    Place the water, milk, sugar and glucose in a pan and bring to the boil.
2.    Whisk the cocoa powder into the milk mixture and pour the hot liquid over the chocolate to melt it. Whisking as you go.
3.    Strain through a fine sieve and freeze in an ice cream machine.
To Serve:
  1. Cut the rice pudding into a rectangle on a plate.
  2. Cut the parfait into a rectangle shape and place directly place on top of the pudding. Make sure its not too thick.
  3. Scoop a little of the ice cream and place on top of the parfait.
  4. Quickly place a tuille biscuit on top. Nom.
So would you order this dish? What do you think of the combination?
Bake On! Penny x
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