Friday, 5 July 2013

The Last Pastry Class

I've always been a little slow with technology. Most people nowadays have facebook and twitter very young (I know an 8 year old on facebook. It's just weird ok? Why? Don't even get me started on this), I was 18 when I first got facebook. The last of my friends to get it. 
I got twitter about 6 months ago. I was the last of my friends to become a twit. I mean erm, twitter-er. Is there even a word for it?

Anyways, yet again I am the last of my friends to do this. I now have Instagram! Now I'm not going to lie, I haven't got a clue what I'm doing but hey, I'm never against learning something new. If you wanna follow me check out the camera icon on the right here.

Another really cool announcement is that I've officially finished my pastry course. Thats right little old me has a ABC Level 2 in Pastry and Confectionery. Which means wooo! Please don't all clap at once :D
Essentially, it was 36 weeks of  the theory behind pastries and bread, learning about different pastry products and then there was the practical classes, which was my favourite part. I'm so happy that I've passed which is great, it's just a case of when I officially get qualified. So come on examiners get those red pens moving. 

But I'm also kind of sad because I'm leaving behind such a good part of my little life. You see, the people just friendly and just as enthusiastic as I am. They were wonderful people to work with and it's such a shame that I wont be able to see them for a long while or even at all. (If any of you read this one day, please email me or drop me a lineIn fact, most of the class are going back to do the level 3 pastry course. I, sadly, can't due to my studies at university. I am gutted, I mean really really gutted because I wanted to expand my learning and generally have some fun with pastry. 
I'm not really an emotional person. I'm dramatic.
Oh wait that wasn't very dramatic enough, how about this:
I am dramatic!!
I find it difficult to get across how I feel to people. I'm not sure about the rest of you, but I was conditioned to believe that it was stupid to express how you feel, crying at the fact that you just dropped the last damn cupcake, or waving your arms in excitement because you know that you're going out shopping for baking bits. What I'm saying is that I don't get all mooshy like that.    
But I will say this to my pastry tutor (if she finds this, hopefully one day she will):
Faye, thank-you for your endless patience and your belief that anyone can bake and produce something amazing. You have really influenced me and helped me become more confident in my pastry abilities. Thanks to you I may have a new job in the works, thanks to you I have an excellent interview for my dissertation and lastly, thanks to you no amount of complicated pastry scares me! (Ok maybe choux pastry but I'm working on it)

Bake On! Penny x

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