Thursday, 21 August 2014

Penny Top Ten Tips #1 Graduation Week Tips

Welcome to week 1 of Penny's Top Ten Tips. What to focus on this week? As it's graduation season, I thought I would put up some advice from someone who has got through the university process. Its also a kind of wrap up of the last 4 years of balancing work, socialising and studying. The only way to describe it is like finishing a chapter of a book and moving onto the next one.

So that was uni. Also just like to point out I graduated with a 2:1, I know-I'm just so amazing (ha! Don't lie Penny).

So follow these tips on how to deal with leaving university and your graduation.

1. Attend your graduation-

My class had a lot of international students. From Hong Kong to Romania, they all made the effort to come together and celebrate as a class. I really recommend going as its a good opportunity to celebrate with family, friends and classmates. Also you get to dress up like a super hero and wear a cheeseboard on your head... very pretty.

2. Attend your graduation ball (or another night out with classmates)-
I can't describe how much fun my graduation ball was. I got my arms done all with snowflakes, I got to see a snake, I saw a lion dance- and had a little too much to drink. Wild night. It was such an enjoyable night. If in the unlikely event that your university doesn't do a grad ball then organise a night out for you and your classmates yourself!

3. Stay calm-
Its very easy to get stressed out with graduation ball and your graduation. Make sure that your super organised and that everyone knows what they are doing. I had to organise 4 people who were arriving at different times to get to one venue. Its not easy but it can be done especially if everyone knows what the plan is. Also, don't get upset when one of your party forgets the plans. No matter how many times you explain the plan, you will have to explain it one more time.

4.Get emotional-
University is a massive part of a students life. It eats up 3 to 4 years of your life and all of a sudden its not there anymore. Its completely normal to cry or go a bit crazy with excitement because, (unless you're doing a post graduate degree), you only get to do graduate once.

5 Enjoy your moment-
Your graduation should be a selfish moment. You've worked so hard, so yes, you deserve it.

6 Don't lose touch-

Keep in contact with classmates, friends, tutors, and even the university. Most universities have a alumni, which is when you finish you will always be part of the university and can still offer career services. Send the odd email or even better send a letter. People love getting post :)

7 Enjoy that last student summer...-
This is the only summer you may get as a student, so really enjoy it. Go on holiday, see as many friends as you can and live in the moment. You get this opportunity to really enjoy yourself before the full-time job sets in.

8...But don't forget to look for a job-
While your enjoying your summer, put aside one hour dedicated to career-time. This can be updating your LinkedIn profile, organising your CV,general job searching and networking. It will save you the panic, when you're asked: "So have you got a job yet?"

9 Arrange a meet-up in a year-
Its sort of like a university reunion, send out a message hinting to meet up with everyone at a suitable location. (Maybe at the university students union?) It will be nice to see everyone in a year to see what you have all been up too!

10. It will be a mixture of a totally normal-
You may feel overwhelmed, excited, or down because its all over. The journey you did a few years ago has finished. Its the end of an era. Its been such a big part of your life that its hard to let go of it. You may find yourself walking away from the graduation and thinking: "Was that it? Its over?" Its sad but there is so much to look forward to. Holidays, a new career, moving out of your parents house, and well, moving out into the big wide world!

Congratulations and thank-you to all of my classmates, tutors and friends for making my years at university and graduation special. Do you have any tips for planning a graduation?

Bake On! Penny x
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