Monday, 20 October 2014

Monday Catch Up: Back Ache Suck

Welcoming me to Monday catch up! My weekend has honestly not that great. On Thursday, I had a little bit of a twitchy back. I ignored it. Stupid, stupid, stupid. I ignored it to the extent that I even carried a suitcase to visit my granparents. I'm absolutely regretting it. Friday-back hurt a little more so I went out and walked around. Saturday-I could just about walk and I got dizzy when I walked around for too long. Which is not great when you're on an shopping trip for Christmas presents. So I'm pretty much bed bound :( . On the plus, I'm being waited on hand and foot! but seriously lesson learnt: don't push yourself to hard, or you'll hurt yourself :/ 

On a more positive note, I've started Christmas shopping early this year. I'm thinking of posting a top ten tips about how unbearably organised I'm am during the festive season. I've only got a couple of gifts so far but the Christmas cards are done. 

I've also been sorting out my Halloween bakes, I'm definitely baking pumpkin pecan bars, and maybe some chocolate cupcakes? 

Whatever I'm baking it's going to be very yummy and won't go to waste. 
Do you have any Halloween plans this year?
Bake On! Penny x
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