Thursday, 2 October 2014

Penny's Top Ten Tips #7 Convention Going!

Since I'm off to the Cake and Bake show this weekend. I'm doing a Top Ten Tips on Convention Going (If your around on Saturday feel free to say hi if you see me!)

1. Outfit ready yet?-

If its a costume or special outfit make sure you have all the elements to it (including accessories) and that its ready to go on the day. I would advise that your outfit be comfortable since you'll be lining up for stuff and walking around.

2. Get cash out before you go-
Many stalls do offer card payment but I will be that one stall that you want to buy something from will not take card. Get some cash out before you start and it will save the inconvenience.

3. Set a budget-
In saying the above point, set an amount you want to spend. On my first ever convention, I spent over £100 which left me and my bank account reeling for weeks!

4. Grab freebies-
Don't feel guilty, there freebies you take them. Don't feel obliged to buy product if you do not want to.

5. Pick up business cards-
It sounds a little odd but in picking up business cards, you remember a shop or a certain person to contact at a later date. Or if you have a sieve like memory (like me).

6. Go hands free-
The worst thing is when you're at a convention is a massive bag, that's going to become more of a nuisance then a help. Keep your tickets, purse, travel cards and mobile in a small bag around your shoulder to keep you hands free for eating, drinking or fangirling.

7. Travel documents-
My travel card ran out before the Cake and Bake show (2014), so double check that you've got all the travel cards and tickets ready and checked.  

8. Pick up a timetable-
Conventions often give out free timetables to show you what time certain events are. I highly suggest you pick one up, so you don't miss any of the shows.

9. Network-
Conventions are a great way to network with people with similar interests. I always carry little business cards with details of the blog and how to contact me. It saves pen and paper. I must stress that don't give details like your mobile number or address and if you feel uncomfortable giving your details to someone. Then don't. Your gut feeling is often the right one.

10. Approach when appropriate-
There are often celebrities, or (baking) stars (in this case Mich Turner and more!!) and they may have hoards of people following them or maybe they are incognito. Only approach them if they are free, available to talk  and want to chat. Most will love to chat but be aware that there are hundreds of others wanting to get their attention, being considerate doesn't cost anything.

Bake On! Penny x
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