Monday, 6 October 2014

Monday Catch-Up: Humpy the Slug

I'm still twitching from the sugar rush that I got after visiting the Cake and Bake show and sampling all the treats. I got back from London yesterday and all the trains where messed up so it took ages to get back to Portsmouth, but I made it in the end. I'll be doing a round up post in the next couple of days with a 'haul' of what I purchased along the way. My friend Lucy and I had such a laugh looking at all the products on sale and moonching on all the free samples (we did BUY food as well but well... free samples!!). At one point Lucy got the sugar shakes. We went for a late lunch at Wagamama's and had a great catch up. Thanks Lucy for an awesome day and hope to see for Halloween!

I also want to say that me and Rob have been so involved with the whole mess of moving in, we forgot to thank a single person in sending us a 'New Home' card. We got some beautiful cards from family and friends, we want to say a big thank-you to everyone who put in an effort to write the cards and we both really appreciate it.

Speaking of new homes, our lovely home came with an invisible pet. Its a pet we don't want, its a slug. Yup, a slug. We saw a slime trail one morning in the living room and the damn thing keeps coming back. We cleaned everything from top to bottom of the living room, trying to fathom out where its coming from, as it disappears when we wake up each morning. In fact, we have named him: Humpy the Slug. Why? Because for some bizarre reason, he loves to hump all over Robs slippers. He leaves gross slimy trails all over his slippers. We've had to get slug killer pellets for outside and inside (good thing we don't have pets or kids. They look like blue tic-tacs) to get rid of it. So far its been 2 days without an appearance... for now... I'm so paranoid that Humpy is sick of Robs slippers and lusting after my boots! Keep away from my shoes Humpy! Shoes are for wearing, not for slug sexy time!! 

We've also got Halloween plans on the go! So watch this space!
Have a great week everyone!
Bake On! Penny x
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