Monday, 29 September 2014

Monday Catch Up: Busy Week Ahead!

Its a late Monday Catch-Up, sorry about that. It's because I've had an extra long to-do list today.
So last week we covered having 10 minutes to myself to relax, I've been working on it. I'm not going to lie, its been maybe 5 minutes tops that I have to myself. I working on it.

I've been gathering bits and pieces for a Halloween party that me and Rob are throwing at the end of the month. I've also been obsessively search Pinterest for pumpkin recipes and fun Halloween food bits to serve. Its that time of year where its: pumpkin, pumpkin, PUMPKIN!!!
You know whenever you host a party, you go over the top, serve too much food and just over do the whole thing. You kind of end up so wacked out before the party even starts. This year we've planned a relaxed, chilled approach to the party, but with added tacky games. This is also the first party that me and Rob are going to host, as a couple, so we'll see how my uber organised powers are when faced with Mr Last Minute.

Also, I'm glad that I'm busy this week because more I get a reward at the end. This weekend I'm off to Earls Court for the Cake and Bake Show. I'm so buzzed for it because I'm going with my equally cake loving friend Lucy. I'm meting her there and we're going to stuff our faces, buy some cake stuff and its going to be amazing. (Last time I spent so much money....) I didn't really blog about the Cake and Bake Show in 2012 because I didn't think readers would be interested. I'm thinking of doing a follow up post on it, but what do you think?
Do you wanna see a Cake and Bake Show 2014 post?

Bake On! Penny x
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