Monday, 20 May 2013

Matcha Diary Day 12 and 13

Day 12:
11am-Sunday lay-in!
11:30am- Had my Matcha shot for the day.
12am- Had some lunch.

1:30pm- Went shopping
4:30pm- Got home and had a mini cupcake rather then a regular one. But no snacks at all. 
10pm- Thrown myself into bed. Busy day tomorrow.

Day 13:

6:30am-Boo for mondays! But have to get to work. Busy day. I did have my Matcha Shot right at the start of my morning. However, my stomach is feeling achey so decided to have a glass of water to flush out my system.
7:15am- Sadly my stomach ache didn't pass and I wasn't able to go to work. 

10am- My stomach hasn't settled but I feel wide awake thanks to the matcha. Feeling calm. 
12pm-Still haven't had anything to eat but feeling much better
1:20pm- Have had a little soup and still feeling focused and calm.
2pm- Feeling really tired and drained, this feeling continued through the day.  
9:30pm- Going to bed not feeling so good again.

Bake On! Penny x

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