Saturday, 18 May 2013

Matcha Diary Day's 9, 10 and 11

I fell behind in my matcha day for the last couple of days down to pure tiredness. To be honest no amount of matcha could have woken me up. But it did it's job for work as it did keep me focused.

Day 9:
6:10am-Really tired after the excitement of passing my pastry assessment. But got to do my job and get to work.
7am- Had my Matcha shot for the day.
8am- Got to work in the end after falling asleep on the commute.

10am- Feeling a bit tired still but still very tired.
12:30pm- Had lunch and it's made me more sleepy!
2pm- Feeling a little better but still having an undertone of tiredness.
4:30pm- Home time! Time to eat, bath and then bed!
10pm- Thrown myself into bed!

Day 10:

6:30am-Got up but it's too early to think. I think it's time for a Matcha shot! But it's FRIDAY!!! YAY!
7:30am- Out the door to work and feeling much better and more ready to work.
8:30am-Had breakfast at work. I feel more calmer and relaxed for the insanely busy day ahead.
9:30am- Feeling very alert and calm but the whole office is stressed out as it's 'busy Friday' 

12:40am- Had a brief lunch as it was really busy. The Matcha must be doing it's job as I feel calm despite the stressy customers. Staying  very 
5pm- After a hectic day and a busy week, I'm looking forward to a saturday doing nothing.   

11pm-I know it's a friday but I'm off to bed. I think the matcha really helped me get through the day. Sleepy time for me.

Day 11
10:10am- Woke up and went instantly for the matcha. Its become a a good habit. I was meant to meet my university tutor but she couldn't make it. Which is great for a lay in!
11am- Had a  
1:30pm- Feeling a little drained but not sure why. 
4pm-want to Starbucks with my mum and neighbour and her grandchildren. I really fancy a coffee >.< but I resisted and had some tea instead.
6pm- Feeling great and energised. Thanks again matcha!

Bake On! Penny x

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