Thursday, 23 May 2013

The 2 Week Matcha Diary Has Been Completed

This is my final post regarding my Matcha Diary. This was the final day. So here's my final review on my two weeks. So what was it all about? Check out the original post here

The last two weeks have been fun. I've passed my last two pastry assessments (recipe here). EVER! I've had no coffees for 2 weeks, which is hard for a coffee lover but I'm also a tea lover which is good as I replaced my morning coffee with Matcha Green Tea.  

According to the teapigs website they had a study on people to try the teapig matcha shot for 2 weeks (see the website for there results).
I've taken the questions set at the end of the two week process and asked myself and have answered as followed:

Hey Penny!
Hello Penny, You ok?

Can't complain. Had an upset tummy the other day.
Ditto. Freaky.

Whatever, you're talking to yourself you insane person. Lets just do this, I've got cupcakes to ice! So, will you recommend Matcha to a friend?
Nice thanks. I would recommend to a friend who was interested in tea and looking for that healthy alternative to coffee for an energy boost. 
Would you buy Matcha again?
Right, I would buy Matcha again because it can be put into hot water, milkshakes, porridge and baked with. I feel that, because it's versatility that I would buy again. So in short yes!

Do you feel that you had more energy?
Definitely Yes! I feel that I was more buzzing as the day continued especially on work days, when the boost was really needed. I would have the Matcha shot and just over an hour after taking the shot I would feel more awake and focused on the task I was doing. 

How much energy?
How do you measure energy? Well I would say that I feel more energised for about 4 hours. 

Did it make you slimmer?
Hey! Thats rude! If I have to be honest, I'm not really looking to lose weight at this stage so I haven't noticed.

How about your skin and nails, has it improved?
I have noticed that my nails are stronger and are less prone to flaking. I've also noticed that my skin is much better, (less blemishes) considering that I have oily skin and any improvement no matter how little is very much appreciated.  

So in conclusion, was it worth it? 
You know what? Yes, I think its worth trying out even if you try a sample or pinch a loved ones Matcha tea, if you can grab it before they notice!

Bake On and Drink On!

Bake On! Penny x
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