Saturday, 11 May 2013

Penny's Matcha Diary Day 3 and 4

Day 3:
6:30am-feeling really rough and runned down.
6:35am-noticed my skins looks clearer. Is that the Matcha?
7:45am- First Matcha of the day
8:30am- Munch on my porridge on my desk. Had no snacks all morning. 3rd day in a row.
10:30am-feeling more awake. 
11am-Starting to feel hungry!
12pm- stuffed myself with pasta for lunch and had a Matcha

Cupcake for a 'Fat Friday' snack. (Promise I will post the recipe soon.)
1:16pm-feeling loads more awake.
3:21pm-started my travels to the Isle of Wight. Starting to feel tired.
6pm- got to Portsmouth and had a sneaky nandos for dinner.
9pm-got to the island. What a long day!

Day 4:
12pm-had a lazy lay in. Still feel a little tired. Checked out my skin and still looking as clear as yesterday.
1pm-first matcha of the day
1:45pm-went out for shopping and feeling really energised. Managed to get a small measuring shot glass which will help me measure exactly how much water and matcha to have.

4:26pm only just having dinner but not feeling as hungry as I normally am without food for so long.
7:30pm-still feeling energetic and focused.

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Bake and Drink on!

Bake On! Penny x
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