Thursday, 16 May 2013

Penny's Matcha Diary 7 and 8! It's been a week! Woo!

Day 7:
11am-Major lay-in as I had a rough nights sleep. I was really worried about a pastry assessment I have later in the day, so it took me ages to get to sleep. So feeling a little stressed out.
11:15am- Had my Matcha shot for the day.
12:30pm- Had lunch (while going over my recipes for my pastry assessment). Feeling a little more calmer. 
3:15pm- Going out to university for my pastry assessment.
4:30pm- Sat in a coffee shop without coffee. I must really look cool with my bottle of water and reading my assessment recipes. Keeping very calm which is not what I'm usally like on assessment day.   
5:30pm- I have 3 hours to complete a fruit fruit and creme caramels. But feeling very focused and am concentrating more.

8:45pm- Passed with merit! Woo! 
10pm- Home and thrown myself to bed!

Day 8:
6:30am-Woke up but not feeling 100% awake yet. I think it's Matcha time!

7:30am- Out the door to work and feeling a bit more awake but it's too early to tell.
8:30am-NEED BREAKFAST!! Starving!!
9:30am- Feeling a little more alert yet calm.
10:09am-Finally publish my Matcha Green tea and chocolate cupcakes! Yay!! 
11:40am-Went for a brief lunch break walk and had lunch.
12:40am- Had an apple for a snack (check me out with the healthy snack)
6pm-Got home and instantly went out to see my wonderful amazing  friend Naomi for sushi!!
10:30pm-Off to bed as I'm talking a load of rubbish as I'm so tired. 

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Bake and Drink on!

Bake On! Penny x

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