Monday, 22 September 2014

Monday Catch Up: So I Forgot How To Relax (What?!)

Its the start of the working week for some people, most people

in fact. Its odd because my weekend has suddenly got shifted and I've got a couple of days off. Which for me never happens. Ever. I never have a moment to relax. 
I'm not going to lie and announce I'm superwoman (because that would be epic). Its more about finding a moment to sit down and relax. But always (seriously, always) I'm on the move and busy, I've sort of forgotten how to relax....Work, classes, housework, or life in general, it can get on top of me. It happens to everyone of course and they say: "Right it's time for me now."
Even when attempting to relax I'm always up to something. Either, I'm doing a quick spruce up of the coffee table or making a to do list. This has always been overlooked by most people. Except a couple of nights ago when my boyfriend (who is the king of chilling out) noticed I when I was stressed out about the housework (the housework that didn't really need to be done... until the next day...). He said that I'm so wrapped up in my stress that its no wonder I find it hard to relax or sleep. Take a break, even if its 10 minutes.
I was very defensive about it, but reflecting on it. He has a point, so thats what I've decided to do. Everyday I'm taking 10 minutes to do something for myself. He made me realise that's if your not recharged mentally, how can you balance all the other aspects of life? Thats sort of the reason why this post is short this week.
How do you relax? Do you have trouble winding down? 
Bake On! Penny x
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