Thursday, 18 September 2014

Penny's Top Ten Tips #5 Blogger Block

Can you believe its already week 5 into top ten tips? Wow!!
Its been a been great so far. We've had Graduation Week Tips, Planning the Perfect Picnic, Party Prep for Grad Balls, and How to write a Restaurant Review. This week I'm giving you my top ten tips on Blogger Block. Its like writers blog but for bloggers. You get the gist, not lets get to the list!

1. Read, read, read-
When I say this, I'm not limiting this to blogs. Magazines, newspapers, books and web articles can not only expand your views and keep you informed of the latest news, but it may provide you with some blogging ideas.

2. Join social networks-
My personal favourites are Pinterest and Bloglovin. I am so glad (and grateful) that I found these websites. Bloglovin is a great way to read all your favourite blogs in one place. Not only does it get your name out in blogosphere,  you get a reading list of all the latest posts of your favourite blogs, which provides you with some good reading and inspiration. You can also save your favourites for future reading. This applies to Pinterest, you can save recipes for further reading or just gorge on food porn for inspiration.

3. Do something outside of the comfort zone-
I'm a food blogger and its highly unusual that I do anything but blog about food. Sometimes there are exceptions, such as this top ten list, like this one! But why not do a beauty post? How about fitness? A crafty post about that awesome papermache mask that your kid did? Its your blog and you can post whatever you like.

4. I think I'd like to phone a friend Penny-
You never know a friend or family member that may have a good idea to blog about. They may even want to write a post for the blog, if they fancy a go.

5. Lists never fail-
Top ten lists (again like this) can be a blogging life saver. If you are stuck and haven't got a clue what to write about then go with a list. Favourite product list, best playlist for jogging etc. You get the gist.

6. Take a walk-
Sitting at a computer and hoping for something to pop in your head... well it can happen but often it doesn't. Switch off the computer and go for a walk. No-where special, maybe just down to the shops just to clear your head. You may find that walk will do you a world of good and it may turn out to be a eureka moment.

7. Quality not Quantity-
No matter how much writer blockage you have (is that a thing?), I think consistency is very important when running a blog. But I also think publishing something for the sake of  publishing can result in a poor quality post. Time management is the key here. Write a good decent post about something your passionate about as people can see through something that's fake or just been posted to meet a deadline.

8. Write it down-
If you have a single vague idea, don't let it escape you. Write it down somewhere your going to see it, and not on a post-it. They will go missing.

9. Pictures speak louder then words-
Looking at old photos of you and your family may spark an idea. When I came up with Two Toned Icing Cupcakes, it was really an excuse to celebrate my friend Naomi leaving the UK for an amazing job opportunity but it was by looking at old pictures of me and my friend that the idea came about. (Luckily, Naomi is back!! So yay!!!)

10. Teamwork-
Maybe its worth writing with someone else. That is rather then you or someone else write the post by yourself, you work as a team instead.

I hope you've enjoyed this weeks Penny's Top Ten Tips.
What do you do when dreaded blogger block hits?

Bake On! Penny x
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